Organize Your Home with Fitstyle


Your living spaces - where you spend your time...your living room, your bathroom, your kitchen... influence your mood (Hello, Marie Kondo and finding your joy. Ok, who has seen the Netflix series?). And I would add that they also affect your nutritional choices and how much you move.

To find time for fitness at home in places that you may not have thought of, here are a few ways to bring in fitstyle that aren’t going to take a heavy lift (or tears or a whole lot of internal reflection)...because sometimes we just need easy as a place to start:

In the kitchen

Clear off the counters. We want those kitchen counters as wide open as possible. That means closing up and putting away opened bags of chips or crackers...and not just off to the side. Put them in a drawer or in the pantry, so they’re out of sight. When they’re out of sight, they’re out of mind, too. If you want to leave something out that’s snackable and healthy, put out a bowl of fresh fruit!

In the living room

Even if the couch is calling your name, try to resist by having some attractive, alternative seating options that look just as enticing. Bring in some poufs, blankets or even an exercise ball to encourage you to sit on the floor or in a different position. We spend so much of our day in a chair, that our bodies get used to that position; some of our muscles will start to shorten or lengthen in unhealthy ways. This can be a time when we switch it up. You don’t have to be a kid to just plop yourself down on the floor!

By the tv

Put your hand weights next to your remote controls or right next to the TV. When we put them in sight, we have them in mind! But also, they’re not under a couch or in a closet getting all gross and covered with hair, so you don’t want to touch them. (Am I right?!) This way, you can get in that important strength training 2-3 times a week during your favorite show.

In the bathroom

Go green. Bring in a plant or two. They can help filter the air, so you breathe easier, but also energize you for the day. Studies have found that house plans can help increase your vitality and, honestly, plants never go out of style!

By the bed

Place a fitness or gratitude journal on your nightstand to use at the start or end of your day. (I like the one sentence a day journal from The Happiness Project. And put a pen there, too. There are those moments when our minds are running through all the things we have to do or didn’t get done, which just zaps our energy. Replacing one of those cycles with a focus on something you’re grateful for can change your perspective in all the right ways. Since you’re there ruminating’s not going to take any extra time. And when you feel like you can’t think of a thing, you can always just read through your journal. Remember, your mental wellness is just as important as your physical fitness.

Next steps

Take a walk through your main living spaces. Choose a room. Now, which of these tips will you try?