Work Shoes for Every Day of the Week

A workweek for me can consist of being in a corporate office giving a fitstyle workshop, leading a group of people on a fitstyle walking tour, working at my desk computer and making a run to Target. (I feel like there’s always something I need from that store or maybe I just like going because I can always find something I “need”. Haha.)

Anyway, the point is the same shoe doesn’t work for all these different things. But I’ve found some shoes that I think cover all my bases. If you didn’t already know, I’m the BIGGEST cheerleader for standing up and moving as much as possible, so, I need shoes that are comfortable and good for my feet.

(You’ll see there aren’t any high heels on this list. While they may make an appearance on a fancy date night…I keep those bad boys further back in the closet and try to avoid them as much as possible. They don’t do anything good for your back or your feet. PERIOD.)

With that, here are some of my work shoe picks…