photo credit: WireCutter

photo credit: WireCutter

How to choose a reusable water bottle...

I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet and realized that I had started to stockpile water bottles...ones I had bought myself, ones I received as a free gift for participating in some event, and ones I still have no idea where they came from. I had glass ones, plastic ones and stainless steel ones. 

But I was clearly not using ALL of them and I certainly could use the cabinet space! 

Here's the checklist I used to determine if I should keep the water bottle. 

To stay, it had to meet all the criteria: 

  1. Holds at least 16oz of water. 
  2. Is dishwasher safe.
  3. Has a mouth opening large enough to get in a dish brush.
  4. Easily fits in one hand. (test by doing a bicep curl!) 
  5. Easily fits in a cup holder.
  6. Can handle hot or cold beverages.
  7. Doesn't drip when closed and held upside down or laying on its side.

And the last checklist item? Is it pleasing to my eye. If it's all shabby or a bizarre color or shape, I have to be honest, I probably won't carry it around with me. And the nicer the water bottle looks, for some reason, I think the better that water tastes.  Haha.

Are there other things you would add to this checklist?
Share your thoughts here.