Here are a few ideas...

  • Ask yourself if you really need to take a seat. 

We often sit down for no reason. We're constantly offered a seat when we have to wait somewhere like at the salon, dentist or before a meeting begins. Next time, ask yourself this question before taking it. You may find that you can politely decline and take a stand instead!

  • Stand up when someone comes to talk with you. 

I've found it helps to keep distracting visits shorter and also eliminates that awkward feeling of "I'm looking up at you while you're standing looking down talking at me." Try it, and I be you'll feel like it makes sense, too. 

  • Use your phone as a reminder to stand up. 

Whenever you pick up your phone or start looking at it, stand up. (And if you're driving in the car , then you probably shouldn't be looking at your phone anyway, right?!)

Share your ideas here!