Old-school games that will give you and your kids a workout


When you have kids, you want to spend time with them and playing together is a great way to model how exercise can be fun and part of everyday life. With summer in full swing, there is no better time to incorporate these fun games. The best part, these can all be done inside, too!

Here are 5 fun, retro ways to play together that will give you and the kiddos a full body workout! Tap into your childhood and those days when you were so tired from simply playing all day:

1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is over 300 years old (caveat that is according to Wikipedia, but I'm sure it's pretty old! Haha.) It has stood the test of time and is great for all ages to build body strength, balance, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination. It's also another opportunity to work on learning numbers and colors together.

Never played before? Click here for instructions and some fun tips!

2. Red Light, Green Light

A great game for getting kids and adults moving together. It helps with focus and concentration all while having a lot of fun! Make sure to give the kiddos a turn as leader (hello leadership skills!). To add intensity for yourself, try crawling or moving in a plank position.

Click here to learn how to play and for some other fun variations.

3. Twister

A tried and true favorite! Twister is excellent for developing motor skills as well as helping to strengthen core muscles, flexibility, and improve balance. But before you go for the win - get a warm up in! You'll need those muscles warm so you can really reach for that circle!

For instructions and some other twister fun ideas click here.

4. Chinese Jump Rope

The best option to get in some great cardio without needing a whole lot of space. This one is a fantastic calorie burner, helps build agility, and its physical and mental demands means it's also a great workout for the brain!  

Click here to see how to play, plus a free PDF with instructions!

5. Freeze Dance

Who doesn't love to dance?! Dancing gives children an appreciation for music, and builds strength and coordination. Freeze Dance can also help develop language and listening skills. With each song being 3-4 minutes in length, you can easily build to a 30-minute workout while having fun!

Click here to learn how to play and for more fit fun ideas.

BONUS IDEA: Play charades, but choose themes like animals or sports that will keep you moving!

Fitstyle your life by getting creative and mixing fitness with time spent with your kids.

Share your ideas with us. What other old school games will you play with your kids? Have you discovered something new? Share with us! Don't forget to tag #fitstyleyourlife

Jessica Nanalife