Workout Anytime, Anywhere



You're ready to start the day and to head out the door. While coffee in hand may come to mind as the first priority, have you stopped to consider how to get a workout in? Your day is jam packed with meetings, projects, and a to do list that at a glance doesn't even have a minute to spare. You might immediately think there is no time to get some fitness in. Here is where you can easily FitStyle your day so you can workout anytime, anywhere!

Below are five key essential items not to leave home without so you're ready for a workout anytime. For easy access and to make this part of your morning routine, get a small pouch to hold these items. Have the pouch ready to go so you can pop it right into your handbag and carry it with you throughout your day.  

Essential Items:
1. Rollup Flats or Loafers
You can always be ready for a workout even if that means a brisk walk at lunch time. Quickly change out of heels and have your favorite rollup flats or loafers ready to go so you can get your walk on! 

Click here to check out my favorites called Kruzers. There are lots of stylish options!

2. Baby Wipes
Baby wipes come in super handy, keeping you so fresh and so clean if you need to dash to your next meeting. No one will even know you just had a workout, I promise! They also make deodorant wipes now - I love items that do double duty. In general wipes save the day. Once, when I was with my friend, her son and the very green teenage mutant ninja turtle popsicle was melting everywhere, I was so thankful that I had my wipes on hand! (haha)

Try EO® Natural Deodorant Wipes (they contain no aluminum salts, propylene glycol, or zinc salts that can clog pores and toxify the system) or Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes (these are made with coconut milk and essential oils).

3. Reusable flat water bottle
Staying hydrated is essential! Be sure to watch the CT Style video to see these really great bottles that I highly recommend. Having a reusable bottle on hand not only makes sure you keep up with your water intake, they are also great to add on as a weight during your walk or to do a quick arm workout right from your desk.

I like the silicone versions, they are lightweight and easy to keep clean. Click here to shop.

4. Underwear & Sports Bra
It's all about being prepared. A quick change into a good sports bra lets you focus on the workout while keeping you well supported. Underwear - the last thing you want to do is return to the office and feel uncomfortable. It is natural to sweat, so this one ensures you stay dry and can focus on the rest of your day. 

For undies, I love a pair a Hanky Panky panties because they come rolled up and ready to pop in your bag!

5. Sunscreen
Keep that skin protected all day long! Even when it is overcast you want to be making sure you have sunscreen on. Think about having something that is a stick or a spray so that your cute tote doesn't accindetally end up covered in sunscreen. 

I love things that have dual purposes! So, my go to especially in the summer is the Avon Skin-So-Soft sunscreen with bug repellant. 

Bonus Tip: carry an after workout snack like a small bag of almonds and dried fruit. You don't want to go into hangry mode at the office!

Exercise can happen anytime, anywhere. The key is being prepared and making it part of your everyday. Don't forget to share how you #fitstyleyourlife! I would love to see how you're using these five essential items and working out anytime, anywhere!