Want something
fit, fun, and inspirational
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The Fitstyle Workshops are designed to get your team motivated and moving. The goal is to help everyone find time for fitness in everyday life and recognize that getting or staying fit doesn't just take place in a gym or studio.

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Not your ordinary workshop...

Fitstyle Workshops are interactive, in-person presentations led by Shana Schneider, Founder of Fitstyle by Shana and the Fitstyle Your Life (TM) approach to fitness.

Generally 45-minutes (but can be tailored to 30-90 minutes), the workshops incorporate exercises and tips for how to find time for fitness where we didn't think it existed (like in those never-ending meetings, right?!).

Movement is always part of the agenda, but no fitness clothes required! The sessions can be hosted in a conference room, auditorium, or a community room and are perfect for a staff meeting, retreat activity or lunchtime event.

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Motivation at your fingertips...

Workshops are followed up by 3-weeks of fitstyle mindful motivations. These messages are unique, short, and easy to implement reminders about posture, water breaks and exercise to keep you moving throughout the workweek. Delivered via text message (but email is an option, as well), recipients can respond back to the messages and interact with a real person with questions or for some positive reinforcement!

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Shana Schneider is the founder of FitStyle by Shana and the FItstyle Your Life (TM) approach that helps you find time for fitness where you didn’t think it existed.

With over a decade in the fitness industry and experience working as a manager in both the public and private sectors, she is passionate about sharing the tips and insights she has learned along the way to help anyone who struggles to find the time for exercise.

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Workshop Details

Your Fitstyle Workshop Package includes:

a 45-min interactive workshop for up to 25 participants
3 weeks of Fitstyle Mindful Motivations (habit-forming messages sent via email or text) for all attendees

Fitstyle Workshop Topics include:

  • Creating a Culture of Fitness at Work

  • At Work or Home: How to Make Every Second Count

  • Embracing Aging at Any Age

Each workshop can be custom tailored to suit your team's needs. Fees vary depending on number of participants and workshops requested.

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I'd love to learn more about how I can help you and your group Fitstyle your workplace
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