Rebranding Announcement:
ZoeFit is now Fitstyle by Shana

For the last few years, the company name has been ZoeFit. Moving forward, it will publicly be known as Fitstyle by Shana. Here's why...



At the launch party two years ago for the mini-book titled “Fitstyle Your Life,” I made one of those BHAGs (aka Big Hairy Audacious Goals!).

I said that we would make the word “fitstyle” part of our vernacular - making the concept of bringing fitness into our everyday life something everyone thinks about, talks about, and achieves. 


The Hashtag

To reach this BHAG, I decided to change the name of the company to bring fitstyle front and center.

People were already starting to run with it, using it in posts and as a hashtag!


The Movement

All the elements and focus of the company are the same, but the name is bringing new clarity to what it’s all about!

And gone are the days when people think that my name is Zoe (Haha.)

Now, with this new name Fitstyle by Shana, we’re ready to make fitstyle a worldwide movement. 

To join the movement, you can: 

And, of course, start using the hashtag #fitstyle!!! :)