Get ready to have some fit fun!

Join Shana Schneider, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, for a Walk15® class!

You've never done a walking class like this before...

Walk 15® is a group exercise class for all fitness levels. We'll be covering 2-miles with a warm-up and cool down in just 30-minutes. AND it won't matter what the weather is like outside!

What is Walk 15®? 
Taking the best features from low impact, aerobic style, group exercise, Walk 15® live classes are “easy” to follow but effective in results with our exclusive 15-minute, BIG Calorie-Burning Miles system! It’s designed with “walking based” moves so that all fitness levels, all ages, all walks of life, can do it.

Music is the heart of a Walk 15® class. The music is engineered at the speed we need to keep moving at a fat burning pace. If you are walking to the beat, then you are burning big calories!

Walking/Tennis shoes required, but workout clothes are not necessary.

Duration: 30-minutes

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